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Appenzeller Purple Label Cheesewheel

Purple Label

Loving care and a long aging period of at least 9 months create an exceptional cheese - the Appenzeller® Purple Label, with delicate cheese crystals, a surprisingly complex bouquet and a truly unique taste. This cheese is piquant and well-balanced, yet still creamy and smooth on the palate. A delight that must be experienced to be believed. Appenzeller® Purple Label is complex and lingering.

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Appenzeller Black Label Cheesewheel

Black Label

No other Appenzeller® than the Black Label represents better the characteristics of the people of its home region in the Alpstein: it has a robust and hearty character, is sometimes a bit sharp but still very well balanced. As the cheese ages, the cheesemakers search for the very best wheels and store them in a damp cellar at around 14 degrees Celsius to mature them for at least 6 months. This process creates a cheese with a unique flavour, a must have for those who love tart cheese. Appenzeller® Black Label is sharp and robust.

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Appenzeller Gold Label Cheesewheel

Gold Label

The Alpstein region is shaped by the untouched, rugged power of nature. And that’s the taste we capture in our secret herbal brine, used to treat and refine Appenzeller® Gold Label over a period of 4-5 months, allowing it to develop the strong character that cheese lovers adore so much. This is Switzerland’s favourite Appenzeller® cheese. Appenzeller® Gold Label is tangy and aromatic.

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Appenzeller Silver Label Cheesewheel

Silver Label

The Appenzeller® Silver Label is regularly washed with the secret herbal brine during its maturing process of at least three months. The brine brings forth the characteristic taste that cheese lovers around the world do appreciate for over 700 years. The Appenzeller® Silver Label is aged for 3 months and it’s mild and creamy.

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